Newman Pastures
A Whidbey Island Pasture-Based Farm
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Pastured Turkey from Newman Pastures

Reserve a turkey now for the 11/21/2015 processing date! (That is the Saturday before Thanksgiving.)
Price will be $5.75/pound for reserved birds at pickup.
Estimated weights

Newman Pastures turkeys
Above: Picture of some of our turkeys out on pasture.
Turkeys must be picked up from the farm within 48 hours of processing. Turkeys will be sold fresh only.
To ensure tender meat, please wait at least 48 hours after processing before cooking or freezing.

A turkey is usually the centerpiece of a fine Thanksgiving dinner. A local, heritage, pasture-raised turkey will give your Thanksgiving meal (or any other meal, for that matter) will bring your meal to a new level. We have a small flock of breeding turkeys. We have two toms, one Bourbon Red and one a locally bred cross breed, and then we have a handful of Bourbon Red turkey hens. For Fall 2015 we will be hatching and raising every egg we can, and then raising them on our lush pasture and feeding them local, organic feed.