Newman Pastures
A Whidbey Island Pasture-Based Farm
2100 Newman Rd
Langley, WA 98260

Lamb and Wool from Newman Pastures

If you drive past our farm, you'll see we have an enormous amount of lush, green grass. Someone has to cut the grass and fertilize it. As it so happens, that's what sheep love to do! So, we acquired a beautiful flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep. This breed is known for its superb black wool and its superior meat. (The breed is not known for its milk, so if you're looking for local sheep milk products like yogurt and cheese, Glendale Shepherd is the place to go!)

So, if you are interested in grass-fed, naturally raised lamb, please contact us and let us know your needs. At the moment, there aren't any lambs born yet, but it won't be too long!

These sheep also make fantastic wool. Shearing season will be coming up soon, so we will soon have enormous quantities of wonderful black wool and lanolin. We haven't decided what direction we'll take the wool, so if you're in the market for raw wool fiber, yarn, or even socks, let us know, and we'll see if we can accommodate that.

Black Welsh Mountain SheepWool from Black Welsh Mountain Sheep