Newman Pastures
A Whidbey Island Pasture-Based Farm
2100 Newman Rd
Langley, WA 98260

The Gardens at Newman Pastures

Thanks to decades of grazing by the previous owners, we have quite fertile soil. Thanks to the natural curves and contours of Whidbey Island we have some fantastic Southwest-facing slopes. So, we're using a portion of this abundance for our gardens. If you're driving down the highway and see what appears to be a 100-foot-long, 6-foot tall caterpillar, that's our hoop house. We got an early start to the garden season in there. We currently have beans, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers and more in the ground. I'm also starting some hardy varieties of cantaloupe and watermelon.

As an ecological side note to this, the simple design of our hoop house allows it to be assembled in a couple hours. So, in future years we will be able to move the hoop house to a different spot. In this way, the soil will be able to revert back to perennial grasses and be fertilized by the grazing animals and the birds.