Newman Pastures
A Whidbey Island Pasture-Based Farm
2100 Newman Rd
Langley, WA 98260

About Newman Pastures

Newman Pastures is a family farm situated on the historic Newman homestead in Langley, Washington on Whidbey Island. The Newmans, originally from Vasa, Finland, settled on Whidbey Island around 1900 and claimed a 40-arce homestead site. A great history of the Newman family and their farm can be found on the application for the barn to be included on the Washington historical barn register. The farm was long run as a dairy operation, however changes in the market situation made the dairy no longer viable in its existing form. After the dairy operation was ended, it was a beef cattle farm, and then later, hay was the primary product. The next generation of Newmans decided to persue other vocations, so in June 2014, the property was sold to the Nehring family.

Now we are excited to be a part of the movement for more ecologically-sound agriculture. We are a pasture-centered operation. That means that our centerpiece offerings are meats and eggs from animals that spend their time outdoors consuming large amounts of fresh, green forage. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and lots of greens are important for human health and happiness, and they are important for animal health and happiness too. So, our farm is built with that as a key ingredient.

There are three generations of the Nehring family running the farm.